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Street Performer


Sheree started doing street theatre in 1993, when with only £10 to her name and a plane ticket home to Australia, she braved the West Piazza in London's Covent Garden, producing a show, that made her a total of 75p in the process.

Over the next 10 years, she developed and improved and became one of the few women in the world to have performed and toured a solo circle show.

Her "Baked Alaska" impersonation (stripping down to a madcap corset and setting her boobs alite as she descended under a flaming limbo pole) was performed at festivals and pitches around the world, not to mention some very notable television appearances.  


She retired from the street in 2003 with an appearance on the Graham Northon Show, however the years of performing have directly impacted on her work since, creating site-specific shows that engage with a wide and diverse (and often unsuspecting) audience with SAVVY Theatre Company.


"Vickers instantly engages her audience from the get-go." ~ SEE Magazine, Canada

"...funny, quick and rather, ehem, direct - leaving 'em wanting more is always a good thing." ~ Edmonton Journal, Canada

"Sheree is one hot babe!" ~ TNT Magazine, London


"Ah yes, Sheree Vickers! Three men who she's billed as 'fresh from Chippendales', have been dragged out of the crowd to show off what men they are. This is great." ~ Dorothy Wilson, The Kingston Wig-Standard, Canada

The Graham Norton Show

London Studios, 2003

The Big Breakfast

Winnipeg Fringe, 2001

Street Performers Festival

Edmondon, 1999

Comedy Street Showreel


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