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Sheree is committed to inclusive practice and advocating for the rights everyone has to access cultural activities as audience, participant or professional.

As a theatre-maker, Sheree is constantly striving to find creative ways to engage, represent and support under-represented artists reach audiences and feel connected to the wider community.

Inclusive practice is embedded into the fabric of SAVVY Theatre, and advocating for access and equity across society is something Sheree continues to do in all aspects of her work.


Sheree facilitates training sessions for artists, cultural organisations and businesses of all sectors in areas such as disability awareness, communication and access.

As part of her work with SAVVY, Sheree has implemented policies and practices that respond to the company's audience and members, such as pre-show sensory tours, Easy-Read documents, integrated signed performances, breakout spaces and relaxed show environments.

Sheree is the author of SAVVY Theatre's Inclusive Policy which is at the heart of the company's ethos and mission.  It is continually being reviewed and amended to ensure the company stays relevant and listens to the community it represents. 

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